Rooam, US based start-up, is looking for remote experienced software engineers!
16.10.2018 PLJUG

Rooam, US-based start-up, is looking for remote experienced software engineers in designing and operating distributed JVM based web applications.

* Design and develop backend web applications using Groovy, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ and MongoDB
* Apply best practices into implementation of scalable and distributed JVM applications using REST API, Message Queues and NoSQL databases
* Cooperate with other team members (e.g. backend, mobile, and QA)
* Kanban + daily calls
* DevOps

* 5+ years of experience with JVM tech stack
* This is a long-term, full-time, direct contract (No agencies please)
* Company does not sponsor visas or relocation at the moment
* Good written and spoken English
* Responsible and team player
* Linux (Centos 7.x)

Hiring process: 2 technical interviews and 1 technical task.

Please send your resume to `remote-dev at`

Thank you!

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