Flex 3 Cookbook

Tytuł: Flex 3 Cookbook
Autor: Joshua Noble, Todd Anderson
Wydawnictwo: O’Reilly

Zawartość merytoryczna / związek z tematem: 4/5
Styl / łatwość czytania: 4/5
Przydatność: 4/5
Ocena ogólna: 4/5

Recenzent:: Andrzej Grzesik

“Flex 3 Cookbook” provides recipes to over 300 most common dishes. It wasn’t authors’ intention to lead an introductory course to Flex and ActionScript and so, the book does not contain information on language constructs, syntax and principles.

Content is divided into clearly themed chapters, each of which contains related recipes. Each recipe is made up of 3 parts: Problem, Solution and Discussion. The first part serves as an introduction and description of the problem, Solution gives a concise walk-through and Discussion explains the decisions made in the Solution part. Each problem is well illustrated with adequate ActionScript and MXML code samples.

The book covers a broad range of topics, starting with a trivial “How do I react upon a button being clicked”, the list is full of many useful solutions. In my opinion it is a good choice especially for beginners and intermediate Flex adepts. Thanks to the wide spectrum of topics, they will benefit the most. It can also serve as a reference used when an answer to a specific problem is sought – well made chapter division makes searching straightforward.

The book is written with clear and concise language.

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