Pro Apache Tomcat 6

Tytuł: Pro Apache Tomcat 6
Autor: Matthew Moodie
Wydawnictwo: Apress

Zawartość merytoryczna / związek z tematem: 4/5
Styl / łatwość czytania: 5/5
Przydatność: 4/5
Ocena ogólna: 4/5

Recenzent:: Maciej Szczytowski

I decided to read this book because as a Java developer I should know how servlet containers work and how to configure them. I wasn’t disappointed with the book.

Pro Apache Tomcat 6 contains a lot of practical information with examples. Now I know how to properly deploy applications, configure logging or security, register resources, etc. There is a chapter which explains all parts of web.xml files and another chapter about distributed environment using Tomcat and Apache Web Server. The last but not the least: there are some testing (using JMeter) and performance tips.

Drawback. For me this book was great, but I’m developer. In my opinion if You’re administrator who needs to know how to deploy and manage applications in real environment, this book will be insufficient. It contains a lot of information, but basic only. There isn’t any discussion about real life problems. I’ve also found a bug – the author said that Tomcat 6 supports Java Servlet 2.5 specification, which is true, but all examples contains reference to version 2.4. I suppose this book is based on previous one, about Tomcat 5.5.

Nevertheless, I recommend this book. It’s a great Tomcat reference.

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