Programming Groovy

Tytuł: Programming Groovy
Autor: Venkat Subramaniam
Wydawnictwo: Pragmatic Bookshelf

Zawartość merytoryczna / związek z tematem: 5/5
Styl / łatwość czytania: 5/5
Przydatność: 4/5
Ocena ogólna: 5/5

Recenzent:: Radosław Holewa

Are you interested in Groovy? You don’t have time for reading big
books with many unnecessary topics?
Do you need a book, that will give you a great introduction to Groovy
without spending many days on reading?
If YES, then this book is definitely for you!

“Programming Groovy” was my first book about Groovy, it gave me a
great introduction to Groovy language.
I decided to read this book, because it has about 300 pages. So, for
me (I’m a very busy person) it was the best option
to receive knowledge about Groovy.

The book of Venkat Subramaniam is divided into 3 main parts:

* Beginning Groovy
* Using Groovy
* MOPping Groovy

If you just want to have a fast overview on Groovy, then “Beginning
Groovy” will definitely fit your needs, because it
provides general information on Groovy language including: dynamic
typing, data types, closures and working with collections.
There is also dedicated chapter called “Groovy for the Java Eyes” with
some Groovy-Java comparisons and description
of their cooperation.

“Using Groovy” is the part with the most useful topics you might need,
it covers scripts and classes creation,
working with XML, using databases and extended classes from GDK.

In case you want to be a real Groovy hacker, you have to read “MOPping
Groovy”, which will introduce you to
advanced Groovy topics like: Meta-Object Protocol, methods injection,
Groovy builders, unit testing and even creating
your own DSL in Groovy!

I’m sure you will be very satisfied after reading “Programming Groovy”.

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