The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook

Tytuł: The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK
Autor: Erica Sadun
Wydawnictwo: informIT

Zawartość merytoryczna / związek z tematem: 4/5
Styl / łatwość czytania: 4/5
Przydatność: 4/5
Ocena ogólna: 4/5

Recenzent: Tomasz Trela

The book by Erica Sadurn may serve as great support for programmers starting their adventure with the iPhone platform, as well as for experienced developers searching for common problems solution reference guide.
The recipes contained in the book cover very popular issues. The book starts with short overview of the iPhone SDK platform; the introduction leaves out the Objective C language, assuming that the reader is already familiar with it. It would be useful that the readers be somehow experienced with Xcode and preferably with frameworks like Cocoa – lacking this knowledge, one may find it difficult to pursue the code. Neither language idioms nor syntax have been explained, nevertheless the code is easy to read and even beginners, not acquainted with iPhone SDK, should not find them difficult to understand.
I would recommend the book for iPhone programmers due to the fact that it explains the functions of iPhone SDK and presents its important components one might like to use. Recipes describe how to use these components, showing the iPhone SDK’s features. The recipes are grouped in chapters coupled as loosely that you can simply jump among them – just as an example, it is easy to find code sample showing how to use the accelerometer, play or record sound or implement user interaction with touch screen. Views and GUI components are very well presented, so as you can learn how to create fancy application with custom buttons, tables etc. very quickly.
The title might be a little misleading and make impression that the book contains solutions for beforehand defined problems. In fact, you get an overview of the platform with description of its components and their usage. For a fledgling iPhone developer like me it was advantageous, although I missed big picture recipes aiming at solving more complex problems and involving interaction between different pieces of API.
I would rate this book with four stars. Its content is valuable and helps saving time while programming.

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