Visual Communication in Digital Design

Tytuł: Visual Communication in Digital Design
Autor: Ji Yong Park
Wydawnictwo: YoungJin

Zawartość merytoryczna / związek z tematem: 5/5
Styl / łatwość czytania: 4/5
Przydatność: 4/5
Ocena ogólna: 5/5

Recenzent:: Piotr Kiebasinski

Sometimes one image can replace thousands of words. Sometimes very simple shape in right color is the best way to say something. Sometimes we don’t know why we remember image which we saw just for a moment… If you want know why, just look into book “Visual Communication in Digital Design”.

Book “Visual Communication in Digital Design” shows list of rules and principles. If you will use it they will give you opportunity to construct image with clear content.

Twelve good written chapters contain answers for many questions about design principles, color, shapes, lines, font family, composition rules etc. There are detailed, but written clearly and with many examples and exercises. Never more bored and non-functional Graphical User Interfaces! Never more disgusting web sites in strange colors! Never bad planed and written with unreadable font texts!

Design of this book is absolutely fantastic. I’m always impressed when I’ve it in my hands. It should be a “design pattern” in art of book projecting.

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