Spotkanie Polish JUG: What happened in Java 21-22 and Lessons from building AI products 🗓
07.05.2024 PLJUG

Serdecznie zapraszamy na nasze kolejne spotkanie, 14 maja. Będziemy mieć okazję wysłuchać 2 prezentacji (w języku angielskim):

  • What happend in Java 21 and 22 by Ron Veen (Java Developer, conference speaker and book author)
  • Practical Lessons from building AI products by Konrad Bujak (Passionate builder, creative thinker, Polish winemaker, and lifelong learner).

Startujemy o 18:00 w siedzibie sponsora – Clari (72 Długa Street, Krakow).

Clari Kraków is the newest engineering office of Clari, opened in 2023. We are over 50 strong already and still growing! Joining our team is a unique opportunity to influence its growth and help Clari gain market share estimated at over $100 billion.

In the world of sales, the precision and accuracy of business revenue forecasting can make or break a company. This is, among other things, what Clari does. Used by tens of thousands of customers, including the largest public companies such as Okta, HP, MongoDB and Zoom, it allows companies to sell better and, therefore, better invest and grow their businesses. Clari is not only analytics – it is solutions used every day by tens of thousands of sellers for efficient contacts with their customers, supported by AI and Machine Learning working on terabytes of data collected by our systems.

Zapraszamy do zapisów poprzez nasz meetup:  Do zobaczenia!

“What happend in Java 21 and 22”
Java 21 will be the LTS (Long Term Support) version for the next few years. And Java 22 thas just been launched in March 2024. Both come with an enormous number of changes and additions. In this session I will fully prepare you and delve deep into the new features of Java 21 and Java 22. Ready to discover the fantastic possibilities?
Here’s what you don’t want to miss in this session:
* Records / Sealed Classes / Pattern Matching
* Record Patterns
* Unnamed patterns and variables
* Virtual Threads
* Structured Concurrency
* Scoped Values
* String templates
* Sequenced Collections
* Statements before super()
* Stream Gatherers
* Implicit classes and instance main methods
* Launching multi-file source-code programs
I am sure you will learn quite some new features that you did not know existed in Java yet. Let look at these, not just on presentation slides, but in real code!!

“Practical Lessons from building AI products”
Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology, but implementing it effectively requires more than just technical chops. In this session, Konrad will reveal the practical product, process and people lessons learned from delivering AI solutions for startups and enterprises over the past 9 years. He’ll share real examples of missteps to avoid and best practices to adopt. Topics include aligning AI initiatives with business goals, designing human-in-the-loop workflows, and building the right AI team. You’ll gain an insider’s perspective on what it really takes to succeed with AI and Generative AI

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