meet.js Summit 2017 馃棑
13.06.2017 PLJUG

On the 18th of September, we meet in Gda艅sk for the largest meet.js Summit ever! It’s the only JavaScript conference where all tickets are sold out in less than 5 minutes.

meet.js Summit is a one-day conference, where over 400 front-end and back-end developers meet every year, and hundreds, from over 7000 fans of HTML5, CSS3, React, Angular, Redux, rxjs, ES2017, NodeJS or Webpack, queue for another batch of tickets! meet.js Summit is a must go!

meet.js Summit 2017 tickets will cost less than $10. Registration opens soon!

More informations –>

Where/when? –>18 September, Tr贸jmiasto,European Solidarity Centre, pl. Solidarno艣ci 1, 10:00

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