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18.04.2016 PLJUG
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We’re hiring
Senior Java “BigData“ Engineer

About you

You are looking to join a small, highly intelligent team where your voice is heard. Where each of your teammates is an expert you can learn from but is also eager to learn from you. Where you can redefine processes and tools without the need to argue with architects or bureaucrats. You always wanted but never been given time to focus on code quality and ultimate performance. You show mechanical sympathy to all hardware, large and small. You want to apply this knowledge at scale while processing gigabytes of data in seconds. You want to build something that can make an impact on the company and waiting to deploy it to production for one hour seems unacceptably long. Building software that handles hundreds of thousands of requests per second is in your
comfort zone. Sounds like you? Keep reading.


About the company

Who are we? We’re Codewise young and exciting tech marketing hub based in Kraków. We move fast and break things, and we want to give you all the opportunities you need to grow. We actually give a sh… about you. Right people and smart business decisions this is our secret sauce. And what we do? We build technology for the Internet marketing sector with a focus on traffic delivery, tracking and analytics.


About the role/simple version

● Creating and maintaining applications that process vast amounts of data in real time (no batch jobs, no map reduce or lambda architecture).
● Constantly pushing performance envelope of existing systems
● Ensure high readability and low maintenance cost of all code created
● Actively participate in design and decisionmaking processes of our products and teams.
● Investigate and implement new technologies related to data processing, application performance, performance monitoring, infrastructure.



  • Openness to new technologies, invention
  • Advanced programming skills in Java
  • Knowledge of the issues of cloud computing and data processing
  • Understanding of java memory model and multithreading
  • A strong knowledge of English


Nice to have experience/knowledge

  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Understanding of modern web app development
  • Linux systems development
  • Activity in open source and tech communities


Additional responsibilities

  • Help others decide upon best infrastructure solutions be it communication protocol, load balancing approach or monitoring standards
  • Help to promote Codewise among developers community
  • Stay up to date when it comes to foundational technologies such as Linux kernel improvements, logging frameworks etc. Follow their advances, bugs and fixes


We can offer

  • Competitive salary (ranges 14-20k gross/brutto)
  • Opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in Poland
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Choose your own hardware
  • Weekly team lunches
  • Private healthcare
  • Opportunity to impact the culture of Codewise

For superb communicators & bloggers, there is a possibility to work closely with our marketing team on our
blog posts or to join them at conferences around the world.



  • Krakow, Poland


Applying for position

Please apply through the website

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