Spotkanie PJUG – Java 9 and JUnit5
14.04.2016 PLJUG

Zapraszamy na spotkanie Polish JUG organizowane przez firmę Zooplus. Odbędzie się ono 21szego kwietnia na ul. Lubelska 29 w Krakowie. Będziemy mogli wysłuchac 2 prelegentów i ich prezentacji: Rafał Leszko – Java 9 oraz Grzegorz Ziemoński – JUnit5.

Zapisy tylko przez nasz meetup:


Java 9: Upcoming features
Java 9 is still more than a year ahead, but a lot of features have been already accepted.
JSON API, Process API, REPL and the most awaited one – Jigsaw Project.
This talk will focus on the overview of Java 9 features with some concrete practical examples using JDK 9 Early Access.

Rafał Leszko
Rafał is a Java developer and trainer. With more than 5 years of experience he has worked in a number of different organizations and companies: CERN, Luxoft, AGH University and more. His roles have varied from a tech lead, trainer, PhD researcher to developer. One thing remains unchanged: he loves to be as active as possible, looks for challenges and has a lot of creative ideas.

JUnit 5: Introduction
JUnit 5 is coming, targeting major issues from previous versions. New assertions, nested tests, multiple runners, better naming and more. The talk will cover most important new features with practical use cases.

Grzegorz Ziemoński
Grzegorz is a Java Engineer with experience varying from a 5 people company to a huge American corporation. He’s passionate about new technologies and clean software architecture. Proud owner of 2 cats.

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