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06.05.2015 PLJUG
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On the 23rd of May, Luxoft Training and Soft Labs will organize Dev Labs 2015, an online conference in English on the Java programming language.

The Dev Labs conferences have been organized by Luxoft Training for more than 3 years and are aimed at all those involved in software development: programmers, software architects, database administrators as well as individuals responsible for coordinating and implementing information systems. Between 3000 and 5000 people have taken part annually in our Dev Labs conferences up till now.

The main objective of Dev Labs 2015 is to talk about the way in which Java can be used in developing software as well as tips and tricks for solving the most important challenges associated with this programming language.

The conference will have 3 sessions facilitated by experts with experience in complex projects related to implementing and developing software programs. Each session will be followed by a Q&A where participants can find out more about the subjects they are passionate about.

The main themes of the 3 sessions will be as follows:

  1. Financial Data Integration – the presentation will focus on the challenges associated with data integration and data integration architectures as well as data transformation using Apache Camel.
  2. Using Spring 4 and AngularJS to develop web applications based on REST architecture – during this presentation we will talk about developing applications based on RESTful API, using Spring MVC and AngularJS. Participants will learn how to build an application that interacts with servers using the AJAX and REST technologies.
  3. From Bytecode to Native Code in HotSpot JVM – Understanding Bytecode and Bytecode execution workflow what is Bytecode (Interpreter and JIT Compiler). The presentation will also contain a case study on the performance for a Java program running in only Interpreted and using Tiered JIT Compilation.


The registration for the Dev Labs 2015 conference is free. For more details about the presentations, the facilitators and the technical requirements for taking part can be found on the following link –

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