Code4Life 2016 🗓
01.10.2016 PLJUG

Code4Life 2016 is one day software development conference with world class experts. We deliver positive change. The solutions and applications that improve the lives of patients around the world, every day.


  • The Architecture of Uncertainty – Kevlin Henney
  • Where genomics meet IT – Marcin Mazurowski
  • Refactoring CSS Without Losing Your Mind – Harry Roberts
  • Data warehousing on Hadoop – DOs and DON’Ts – Marek Grzenkowicz
  • Small Is Beautiful – Kevlin Henney


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Spotkanie: 14 października, Warszawa, Ludwika Narbutta 50A, godz. 8:00
Wstęp: bezpłatny, wymagana rejestracja.

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