Akka Streams : Workshop 馃棑
10.07.2017 PLJUG

The intention is to go ‘from zero to hero’. We will start with basic notions – Source / Flow / Sink / Backpressure and progress from there, through the plethora of built-in stages, to creating custom shapes and processing complex graphs. The main goal of the workshop is to give the participants solid hands-on experience with using and combining the built-in stages in creative ways, showing them the richness of abstractions already ‘in the box’.

There will be many practical examples and exercises. However, we will also venture in the land of advanced streaming concepts, covering the materialization process (including the brand new Akka 2.5 materializer), reactive streams abstraction, custom stages, Graph DSL, handling loops in graphs, testing your stages with stream-testkit and timer driven/aware stages. It is expected that participants know Scala, no prior knowledge of Akka or Reactive Streams is being assumed.

More informations –>https://www.meetup.com/

When? 12.09.2017, at 5:30 p.m.

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