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01.06.2017 PLJUG

One day, single-track, international conference for JavaScript & Front-end engineers followed by three days of workshops. Let’s meet in Warsaw, Poland this summer to talk about JavaScript!

Conference day 1

We are happy to announce that our group of World-Class Speakers is getting bigger and bigger every day, and already includes:

Christian Heilmann – Keynote talk – Progressive Web Apps
Simona Cotin – RxJS all things!
Luca Mezzalira – Functional Reactive Programming with Cycle.js
Gil Fink – One Language to Rule Them All: TypeScript
Nir Kaufman – Demystified Angular Directives
Alex Lakatos – DevTools Deep Dive
Shmuela Jacobs – Angular is on Fire(base)!
Maxim Salnikov – The Mobile Web Second Edition: First-Class Citizen on Your Device Now
Ilya Gelman – Breaking JavaScript into Pieces
Tomasz Ducin – Async Functions Awaiting You
Erik Haddad – Progressive Web Apps with Angular and Firebase
Gabor Wnuk – React Native – Success case study

More Details Coming Soon!

More informations: http://js-poland.pl/

Where: 19.-22.06, Warsaw, Multikino Złote Tarasy, Złota 59

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