CoreDump Kraków! 🗓
05.10.2018 PLJUG

CoreDump – the answer to your need to find inspiration, “wrapped in” two intense conference days.

We want to create space for everyone, regardless of technology, favorite programming language or their role in a team. We want to give participants an injection of ideas and show them a different perspective on the problems being solved. We wish to prove that inspiration can be found exactly where our knowledge or experience cannot reach.

The first day of CoreDump is the Community Day.

We want to invite all Polish IT communities to meet in one place, exchange experiences, knowledge, and contacts, and to support local communities with new ideas. On this day, all the invited, thriving communities will meet up to listen to presentations given by their best speakers.

What can happen after such an intense day? What else but the second day!

The second day is about the invited guests.

We have chosen not only the best speakers but also people who change the future with their daily work – and not only the future of our industry. Each of the blocks of this year’s edition of CoreDump (programming languages, distributed systems, databases, and future of work) will culminate in a discussion panel.

Looking for inspiration? CoreDump. You simply have to be there!

See you in Krakow!

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