Spotkanie PJUG – How American startups are born & Secure+scalable Web Services 🗓
08.10.2018 PLJUG

We would like to invite you to our next meeting on October 18 at The Stage, Łobzowska 3. The meeting starts at 18:00.

Join us for pizza & beer, and hear two speakers from Atlanta, Georgia (United States) share their experiences in not so serious atmosphere!

Our sponsor, Evident (, will also announce the opening of its brand new Software Development Center in Krakow.

The following two sessions are planned for the evening:

Session 1 – How American Startups are Born
Speaker: Damian Starosielsky, Evident Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

In this session, we will explore VC (venture capital)-backed startups and the reasons why they are successful at creating the right conditions for fundamental innovation.
Damian will walk through his rollercoaster-like experience of creating a successful technology startup – from the early idea stage to interacting with investors and early customers.

Damian Starosielsky
Damian is the CTO at Evident, a cybersecurity startup that is changing the way businesses secure and share personal data. He has over 15 years of experience leading highly innovative R&D teams in Motorola, AirDefense and Icaro Tech. At Evident, Damian led the creation of a simple, secure platform that lets businesses confidently know who they are dealing with without handling sensitive personal data.

Session 2 – Secure and Scalable Web Services: A Practical Application of Scala
Speaker: Albert Brzeczko, Evident Chief Architect, Ph.D.

In this session, Al will share his experience designing scalable and secure web services using Scala, and discuss its central role to Evident’s platform.
Security and scalability are often at odds with each other, especially as the attack surface increases with the deployment’s growth. On the flipside, certain authentication techniques present significant challenges at scale. In this presentation, learn more about Al’s approach, which seamlessly scales the security characteristics of the system, without compromising on either front.

Al Brzeczko
Al is Chief Architect at Evident, where he created a platform that allows businesses and individuals to confidently share private information in a secure way. He has over 10 years of cybersecurity experience, including the direct supervision of research engineers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and mission-critical software development for the US Department of Defense, while working at Raytheon.


See you soon!

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