Spotkanie PJUG – debugging at production and building flexible apps with JLupin 🗓
09.11.2018 PLJUG


Thanks to our sponsor – – we would like to invite you to our next meetup which will be held on 15th November in Betel at pl. Szczepański 3

You will have a chance to listen to Andriy Zaretsky and Bartłomiej Kuczyński with the following topics.

1. How do we debug production at Egnyte?
Learn about the tools we use for monitoring, error tracking and profiling large distributed Java applications.

Andriy Zaretsky
Senior Software Engineer at Egnyte with 10+ years in software development working normally working on the edge of reality. Privately – mountains addict.

2. How to build flexible applications with JLupin

JLupin is a solution for people who would like to create nice and easy JVM based applications. In one hand we have all the tools that we like (Spring, JPA, Spring Boot), in the other, we can manage and scale our applications like simple system processes. In this presentation, I will show you how to work with JLupin, how to create simple services and I will try to convince you to play with this tool.

Bartłomiej Kuczyński
Bartek started his adventure with computers in 1988 when he rewrote his first game from „Bajtek” magazine. That was Paratoopers for ZX Spectrum, then in 90’s he spent a lot of time by hacking game saves for X-COM and SimCity and programming simple games (cards, shot to target etc.). In 2006 he started his professional career as front end and java developer (was full-stack dev before that was cool). Now works as a consultant and trainer.

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